Windshield Repair Facts

Many people with damaged auto glass ask questions like “What is windshield rock chip damage?” and “How is it repaired?” This page covers the facts on windshield repair, and answers these questions as well as many more.

A windshield is made up of two layers of glass with a layer of laminate between them. The laminate is there to provide safety when the glass breaks. When a rock hits a windshield, it can create a crack or break in the glass with a resulting air pocket void. If it isn’t promptly repaired, the damage may increase with temperature changes and vehicle flexing in normal usage.

To repair a windshield chip a resin is injected into the damaged area to remove all air from the void. A UV light should be used to cure the resin, completing the repair. The finished repair restores strength back to the windshield, preventing damage from spreading further.  Once the windshield repair is finished, the vehicle can immediately go back to its normal uses. There is no long down time, making windshield repair much faster and cheaper than windshield replacement.

Windshield repair is becoming a popular business.  People can learn the basics of auto glass repair and start working right away.  They go and sit at gas stations, car washes, stores or just pitch a tent on the side of the road. They learn how to process an insurance claim, and so they advertise “FREE Windshield Repairs.” However, the typical repairmen are not skilled windshield repair technicians, and lack the knowledge and experience to perform a high quality repair that will last. Car owners stop and get their windshield fixed by these “pop-up shops” everyday and then are not satisfied with the results. Often the repairs are either not done properly or even at all and yet an insurance claim was filed and they are paid for the “repair.” Don’t think that all shops are like these with the same results.

Most people just call their insurance company and have them dispatch someone.  They trust that the insurance company has done the research for them.  That is not always the case.  Most call centers are located outside the state, and do not know a company’s reputation or if it is local or not.  They only know the basic information that they are given.  If you have a local insurance agent, they are a better choice for a referral, but even then it is iffy.  Most windshield repair companies go and bring “treats” to the insurance offices in hopes of getting their referrals.

When looking for a good quality repair shop, do your research.  Call the city or county to find out if the prospective service is licensed.  Go on the Bureau of Automotive Repair website and see if they hold this state license and if they are in good standing with them.  Call the company and see if they have references.  Do not be afraid to call and check on the references (businesses are generally the best).  Ask around and look at other people’s repairs.  Find out how long they have been doing repairs.  Gather as much information as possible.  With the web at everyone’s fingertips, gathering all the information is quick and easy.

If you need to have a repair done, remember these facts.  A chip that can be covered by a quarter can easily be repaired.  It is best to get chips and cracks fixed as soon as possible after they happen. Get it done before you wash your windshield, as water and dirt can contaminate glass breaks making the completed repair more visible.  If your windshield has started to crack out, a small crack can be repaired.  The insurance companies will repair cracks up to 6 inches.  A stop-drill procedure is not repair, and can still lead to larger damage.  Unless a repair has been completely filled with a quality glass resin, it can still spread.  Make sure the company chosen guarantees their work.  Do not be afraid to ask questions!

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