Headlight Restoration Service

Having trouble seeing at night because of cloudy headlights?  Solano Windshield Repair offers a body shop quality headlight restoration service that is completely mobile. We come right to your location to restore your headlights to have them look like new.

When you have clear headlights you have better nighttime visibility, plus you can see (and be seen) better in the fog. Not to mention the improved look of your vehicle.

Solano Windshield Repair uses a multi-step process to restore the luster to your headlights. First we completely strip off the old yellow, flaking UV coating.  Followed by resurfacing the lens to get all the surface pits and scratches out.  Once that is finished we buff and polish the lens to a shine.  Finishing off the process with a high-gloss UV coating will add clarity and longevity to the headlights.  Your headlights look new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the lenses.  The process takes about 1-2 hours (depending on the vehicle).

Whether your car is a classic or just a couple of years old, trust Solano Windshield Repair to get those headlights looking like new.  To schedule your appointment or get questions answered, call (707) 359-9579.