Frequently Asked Questions

What is windshield repair?
A windshield is repaired by filling the chip caused by rock damage with a high tech resin. After resin is used to fill the void left by a rock chip, most of the strength and clarity of the windshield is restored.
Do I really need it repaired?
Yes, even a small chip, if it is not repaired, may spread with temperature changes and normal vehicle flexing reducing the strength and stability of the windshield.  
Should I just replace the whole windshield?
No, small rock chips can be repaired with at least 80% improvement in clarity and windshield strength is restored. 
Will my insurance company pay for the repair?
Most insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the repair.
What types of chips can be repaired?
Bullseyes, combination breaks, partial bullseyes, and star breaks.
Is there any preparation I need to do before my repair?
Try to keep the windshield cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter. Do not wash before repair.
How long does a repair take?
About 15-20 minutes per chip.
Can you repair a windshield with a chip a few years old?
Yes, but due to contamination that can enter, visual clarity may be reduced.
Can you repair a tinted window?
Yes, it is the same process. The repair will blend to the natural window tinting.
Are you able to do repairs in the morning?
Yes, early appointments are available.
Are there evening appointments available?
Yes, it allows for flexible scheduling and the ability to avoid extreme daytime temperatures.
What are the payment options?
Cash, check, credit card, and insurance billing.
When should I get my windshield repaired?
As soon as possible at a time that is convenient for you so no further damage occurs.
Do you do windshield replacements?
Yes, we replace windshields as well as door and back glass on most vehicles.
How soon after a replacement can I drive my vehicle?
We ask that you do not drive your vehicle for 2 hours after a replacement is completed.  This gives the urethane time to bond the glass to the vehicle.
When can I schedule my appointment?
Anytime, just give us a call at (707) 359-9579.